"Images of South Korea"

outh Korea is a wonderful place to visit. In April of 1998 I spent two fantastic weeks exploring South Korea. I arrived in Seoul, the capital and largest city in South Korea. We traveled by van due east through the interior visiting many small towns and rural areas. Then north along the eastern coast to the port city Sokcho - see map below. I stayed about a week exploring Sokcho and the surrounding area which includes the beautiful Mt. Soraksan national park. I then traveled by air to Cheju Island for 3 days of excitement in a very exotic sub-tropical paridise. After Cheju, I flew back to Seoul to experience more of the big city, before coming home. I love photography, so of course I carried camera equipment with me. I brought a complete 35mm Nikon System to document my travel. I shot about 650 images using a varieity of different films, which I consider relatively light shooting; but I tried to balance shooting with experiencing. Enter the Gallery Two to see "Images of South Korea". I hope you enjoy them.