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My Curious New Friend - Sokcho, South Korea
While out exploring a rural area near Sokcho we stopped at a small out-of-the-way restaurant for lunch - a favorite dining place of my Korean friends. There was cluster of small buildings, each with one low table, large enough for 12 or 14 people -- we removed our shoes as we entered and sat on the floor. It was a beautiful warm spring day and the doors and windows were wide open; Mt. Soraksan was our backdrop. Children were playing in the yard. After a great lunch and few cups of fermented rice drink, I stepped out into the yard to snap a few photographs. As usual, when the children saw me they were naturally very curious, so they came over to check me out. This little girl watched me as I loaded a fresh roll of film into my camera, and then looked right into the lens as I put the camera to my eye -- click! A perfect moment frozen in time...
©All Images Copyright 2000-2002 by Richard Feich