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Red Pepper - Seoul, South Korea
When it comes to red pepper, Koreans are experts. There are many different grades and grinds -- you can buy it whole, dried or fresh. We spent a morning exploring the Namdaemun market in Seoul, when I came across this scene... there were many like it; but here the visual elements seem to gel. This is very busy and large outdoor market where you can find just about anything, food, produce, jewelry, clothing... you name it. This particular market, is not really geared toward the tourist trade, as some other markets encourage. It's very serious Korean-to-Korean business, and it's insanely busy. If you space-out for even a moment, will get run over by a scouter, small truck, or just a guy pushing a cart. No place for children. I couldn't shoot enough film -- I had a blast!
©All Images Copyright 2000-2002 by Richard Feich