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Fishing Tugs – Door County, Waters End 1998

Fishing Tug C. W. Bohman

Fishing Tug C. W. Bohman basking in the morning light at Waters End, Door County, Wisconsin 1998.

Built at Algoma, Wis. in 1980 by Charles and Mike Bohman, and operated from that port. An all-steel 42 ft. fish tug equipped with a Murphy diesel. The boat was later sold to Mike LeClair, Jacksonport, Wis. Confiscated by the state of Michigan, in an illegal fishing matter, the boat was then sold back to another owner in Wisconsin.

TMAX 400 and HC-110

I love TMAX 400 (TMY) B&W film for general shooting; it’s a great film. Lately, I’ve been dialing in my TMY development process using developer HC-110 , which provides fine grain,  high acutance and excellent  tonal contrast control.  Also, HC-110 comes in a liquid concentrate that is easy to work with and has an unbelievably long shelf life; it’s very economical to use. I mix Dilution-B (1:31) directly from the syrupy concentrate, and use it one-shot. I typically like to process at 68°F; however in late August my cold tap water is almost exactly 72°F which I use and adjust my processing time accordingly. With this developer, I shoot TMAX 400 at an exposure index of 200, which gives me great shadow detail and negatives that print and scan well.

Density Plot (click for detail)

A sample photo scanned from the test roll:

Popokikeiki (a.k.a. flame-head) shot on TMAX 400 (EI 200) developed with HC-110-B @ 72F for 5.5 minutes (Nikon F100, Nikkor 50mm 1.8D)

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