My name is Richard Feich. I am a software engineer with 20+ years experience building websites and web-based applications . I have a passion for using technology to solve business problems. For the last 13+ years I have been a technology consultant and full-stack engineer focused on utilizing Microsoft technologies to help a diverse array of business, non-profit, and government clients with their operations.

I am a creative problem solver and an accomplished researcher with the innate ability to think-outside-the-box to get the job done. I can easily switch between roles as a  business analyst, solution architect, or lead developer. I work well in a team or solo.

What I don’t know, I’ll figure out and master.

I have a EE background and started my career at AT&T Bell Labs – Naperville working under Wing Toy (a true engineering genius and wonderful mentor) as a hardware engineer designing integrated circuits and circuit boards to be used in mainframe computers and an electronic switching systems. I enjoyed doing this work, but switched to software engineering due to AT&T’s business  needs.  I fell in love software engineering. For the next 10 years I was involved with building features for the 5ESS (AT&T’s large-scale digital switching system). This was real time embedded software development using C/C++.

AT&T spun-off Lucent Technologies, Inc which included Bell Labs and Western Electric (and me). At first, things were great as the internet exploded in popularity and networks were overbuilt.  Around the year 2000 the  telecom industry bubble burst; Lucent was caught in a death spiral. I left Lucent at the end of 2002.

I started web development company call ZRON Website Design and Engineering (remnant of a bygone era); a full-service shop with web design, hosting, marketing, and photography. All LAMP-stack development; I was a one man show responsible for graphic design to back-end programming, marketing, and the business itself. Also, I was buying and selling domain names when the market was hot.

In May of 2004 I hired into TEC Services  as a Consultant/Software Engineer. My broad range of experience was suitable for this type of work. TEC Services is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, so I began developing my expertise with the Microsoft technology stack. Over the years I built dozens of applications: Web, Windows,  Native Mobile, even Roku; as well as manage IT infrastructure.  Being a relatively small company, I wear many hats i.e. Full-Stack:

  • Server, network, and hosting environment
  • Solution architecture
  • Customer documentation, development estimates, requirements, design,  and training
  • Development processes and methodology
  • Relational databases, creation and management
  • Interact with APIs and the external world
  • User interface and user experience, including accessibility, graphic design, and branding
  • Quality assurance and deployment
  • Cross-cutting security concerns
  • Understanding customer and business needs

This is what I do: full stack engineering.

Using Technology to Solve Business Problems.

Other Interests:

  • I am an avid photographer, both digital and analog (yes, film). I built a professional wet (conventional) darkroom to process both color and B&W materials; back when film ruled the photographic industry. Now, I mostly use digital, but I still use analog processes for B&W projects. I enjoy fine-art, portraiture, and landscape photography. I also collect classic film cameras.
  •  Electronics: I restore vintage radios and amplifiers i.e. vacuum tube equipment . I’m currently building a high fidelity vacuum tube audio power amplifier…a modern tube design.  I put together an electronics lab to facilitate high voltage experimentation and testing.
  • VW Beetle enthusiast.  I own two: 1974 Super Beetle and a 1956 Oval Window Beetle.
  • The great outdoors, nature, hiking, fishing, and fresh air.
  • Foodie, home chef. My top 5 cuisines, in no particular order:  Japanese, Korean, Indian,  Italian, French…this list changes all the time.